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May 2, 2014 7:00pm PDT
on russia. barack obama going up the prospect of measures targeting defence and finance. this is in ukraine to govern helicopters were shot down the aisle to get defensive. it's a good sled dogs has also been deadly stuff streaking up the southern port city of deaths. at least three killed there. also the newsletter may not have a new president can lay claim to the minister along with most eligible bachelor. the actions of george clooney's impeachment to human rights attorney and all of the team. i was char while ago here on false and get you her press conference from the white house. a lot of it. reacting to what's been up friday of escalation in both eastern and southern ukraine. in the port of odessa. three killed in clashes between pro russian protesters and supporters of ukrainian unity. meanwhile anton offensive by government forces on the eastern city of sled dogs marks for the shooting down two ukrainian helicopters kids security services when one was hit by a surface to air missiles. obama and such weaponry can only be the work of moscow the ukrainian holocaust to employees
May 1, 2014 7:00pm PDT
bnz bank. bennett was the biggest manufacturer in russia. at the same time feel it's a tragedy. every time a french company to report on a foreign one quarter of the moment too. to take the points. i think it is today. this is something that we have to tough it out seriously have to take into consideration the fact that if we do when it was seen in solution we will have to face issues with that of tom monopolies. she had long track record in france and its partner in big groups are from three years in the leaves. yep that's that's why everything is on a table and we need to discuss it and given that the county saying clinton the best solution is to last them for it to its employees in for a car on the future of our energy policy. tom and newtown. as mentioned i would like you as he he he. eugene found a solution and come i am not sure that this is due. and we can't see this into account weekends we can sound the news oust him to train built in the build up an emt and industry policy. we need to start now on. and we bleed strategic policy of more globally and in a descending and hasn't
Apr 29, 2014 7:00pm PDT
russia this time out of brussels. another takeover of a government building in the east of ukraine this time the city of logan's that's just forty five km from the russian border was good in eastern ukraine in costs over the falls and gets dog was herbert was what's the latest. plus my reading of the people's republic of donetsk which is where i can we have got to see the creation of the three of the gods know that god is in the fourth largest city in ukraine and it seems very much at this hour tonight falling into the hands this effort is as other cities throughout the eastern region have in recent days and weeks of the situation because it is as you said we took a canal building a strategic site is really the first to go it seems today. several thousand demonstrators are besieged at early dawn of the broken window that broke into the building the race to flag down a russian flag over the roof. a few hours later it was the regional television stations and in the prosecutor's office and now at this hour as i speak it's a very tense standoff in front of the interior ministry police
Apr 28, 2014 7:00pm PDT
also focus on. some areas of high tech defense exports to russia. that we don't think are appropriate to be exporting in the sky to climb. for his part the russian president running off an eventual freeze on defense industry sales whose country. everyone needs to understand we will in any case find an adequate replacement. they're a unique things that are produced by one or two companies but we will be able to baptize the senate question time the money will be in it a bit more expensive it'll take a little time we will survive them and moving forward the partners went to popular and useful. the center of brussels non correspond may make man made. we know that said the skin of the eu ambassadors re convening on wednesday. how far can the eu go wee birdy heard statements from of the british partners of russia's russian oil giant royal snapped. i mean he seemed to think that the very top of it that they're really good and it read twenty eight they betray him. to me. to me that the trip that we can to date. in that situation over the screen. comedic and the plastic tray that if i get to s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4